Not all workplace hazards are visible. Watch this animation to find out some simple steps you can do to identify hazards at your work.



[Music plays and symbols of a cloud, a cog, and a magnifying glass surrounded by circular arrows appear and text appears: Occupational Lung Diseases – Identify The Hazards In Your Workplace, Identify, Manage, Monitor]

[Animation image changes to show a set of lungs and clouds of dust can be seen moving up from the bottom of the screen towards the lungs]

Narrator: Not all workplace hazards can be seen. 

[Animation image changes to show a vapour moving up from the bottom of the screen towards the lungs]

Dust, gas, fumes, and vapours are often invisible but breathing them in can cause serious lung diseases. 

[Animation image changes to show a cloud of dust on the screen and then the image shows the dust cloud disappearing and three ticks appearing in green boxes]

Follow these steps to identify if your workers are breathing in hazardous air.

[Animation image changes to show a Smartphone showing a line graph and data on the screen]

One – inspect and monitor your workplace. 

[Animation image changes to show three heads wearing hard hats and speech bubbles appear next to them]

Two – talk with your workers. 

[Animation image changes to show four dots joined by lines moving around in a circle]

Three – talk with supply chains and networks about the products you are using. 

[Animation image changes to show a computer in the centre of the screen and then a grey, green, and pink document appear one after the other and each encircles the computer with a broken line] 

And four – review information from work health and safety regulators, industry associations, and safety professionals.

[Image changes to show the Safework Australia logo and text appears: Clean Air, Clear Lungs, Know the hidden hazards at your workplace, #clearlungs/swa.gov.au/clearlungs]

For more information on identifying hazards visit our website.

[Music plays]

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