Hear from a factory worker, farmer, corrections officer, chef, nurse, truck driver and construction worker, each taking a moment for WHS.

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This video is for anyone who is interested in raising awareness of the importance of WHS.

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National Safe Work Month ‘Got a moment?’ video transcript


Hey. You got a moment? Hey, you got a moment?

Did you know that every day 12.5 million people leave home and go to work?

And every day, every one of those 12.5 million workers expects to come home safely.

Except that last year, 182 didn’t. 182 people died at work. At work.

And that’s just not acceptable.

Everyone has the right to be healthy and safe at work. No matter what industry they work in.

This October is National Safe Work Month and so we’re asking you to take a moment, a safety moment, to think about how safe your workplace is.


I’m a farmer. Grew up on the land so I know the risks. When you’ve got machines and animals and who knows what else, farming’s one of the most dangerous jobs going around.

Truck driver:
I drive trucks. Probably don’t need to say much else. Fatigue, odd hours, time pressures, bad roads, bad drivers… and that doesn’t even cover the gases and the fumes. It’s risky.

Factory worker:

I work in a factory. You know, making all those things you buy every day. You wouldn’t reckon it’d be that dangerous but I’ll tell ya, working with equipment or carrying stuff or sometimes just trying not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You gotta be careful.


I don’t need to tell you about construction. I’m a builder and when you mix people, machines, tools, chemicals and working at heights… it’s no wonder we gotta be sharp on site. And when it’s busy, you know what that means… it’s dangerous.


I’m a chef. Now while you’re out there enjoying yourself we’re out back making it happen. They’re not wrong about the heat in the kitchen. But try adding knives, chemicals, slippery floors and a lot of stress and well, people don’t always make the right decisions.

Corrections officer:

Now I’m a corrections officer. I like to think we’re here to protect the community. Just like the police or the fireys or the ambos. So we’ve got a different bunch of risks where we work. Assaults, stress, even the internal stuff. It can still kill you.


Being a nurse we literally never know what we’re going to have to deal with next. Working with patients puts us in danger of infection, cross contamination, even physical assault. You can never relax.


So this October, take a moment to stop and think about the hazards in your workplace. And take a moment to talk in your workplace about how best to control them.

Cause a moment is all it takes for someone to be seriously injured or even killed.

So take a moment now.

And commit to building safer and healthier workplaces for all Australians.

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