This video is a part of a series developed for National Safe Work Month 2017, focusing on our seven priority industries as identified in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022

Farm Manager Ross and Winery Operator Marina share their unique work health and safety experiences working in the agriculture industry, including working in isolation, as well as working with plant, machinery, vehicles and animals. They don't put themselves in a position where risks and hazards are heightened, and they use their safety equipment to manage risks.​

About the presenter

Ross Kuchel is the Farm Manager at Foxlow Station, Captains Flat, New South Wales. 

Marina Sekoranja is the Winery Operator at McKellar Ridge Wines, Murrumbateman, New South Wales.


National Safe Work Month – Agriculture industry video

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Ross Kuchel, Farm Manager:

We are a mixed beef/sheep enterprise. We deal with a range of situations each day from livestock, machinery, heavy equipment, tractors, seed drill, sprays. So we make sure we have the right safety, both training and facilities in place to accommodate. So things like handling livestock, they can be unpredictable. Crossing stock over, we've got a policy, we don't do it between certain times of day when the traffic's heaviest. We wear Hi Vis vests and at times we will put a flashing light on the roof. And motorbikes, yeah basically we run a policy here that ‘No Helmet, No Job.’ Don't put yourself in a position where the risk is heightened. There’s always generally a better way and a safer way to do things. Use equipment around you rather than brute force and ignorance. You're going to get more out of the people who work for you, we've all got to go home the way we turned up.

Marina Sekoranja, Winery Operator:

Stepping into the business there's a lot of considerations with workplace safety, particularly with manual handling. Picking up wine boxes, 12 bottles of wine is quite heavy, so you need to make sure that you're lifting correctly, protecting the back. We use forklift and manual trolleys to make sure we're carting wine around the winery in a very safe way. We are using a lot of chemicals for testing the wine, and that includes things like hydrogen peroxide and sulphur dioxide, so we need to make sure that we're wearing protective clothing, gloves, eye masks, and having a well-ventilated area. We can be quite vulnerable I guess to behaviour that escalates in an aggressive way, so we always make sure that we're here together, so no one's working in isolation, and potentially being at risk without anyone on hand to help out.


October is National Safe Work Month. Visit the website to find out how you can get involved.


Safety is everyone's business and your knowledge and experiences are worth sharing.

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