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Electrical shocks are a major cause of serious injury or death in the trade industry.

This video reminds viewers to take the time to consider a number of things before starting work around electricity, like checking for a current test tag and any cable damage; plugging your tools into an RCD box; and following the Safe Work Method Statements.It is also important to remember to remove distractions and make sure you are OK to work safely.

Tradies - add safety to your toolkit.

Who is this seminar for?

This video is helpful to tradies, particularly electricians and apprentices who work closely with electricity and wiring.

About the presenters

Matt is a fourth year electrical apprentice.

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Work Safe: Electricity

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Fourth Year Electrical Apprentice

Hi. I’m Matt. I’m a fourth year electrical apprentice. I’m really looking forward to getting signed off and making some real money.

And when I’m done here, I’m going to look at new dual cab. But what good is a new ute if I’m seriously injured?

Electrical shocks are the number three cause of serious injury and death in our industry, so let’s just take a minute and talk about how we can stay safe around electricity.

Always assume the electrical wiring is live. When working with extension cables and power tools, check for a current test tag and any cable damage. Don’t yank on cables or pull them around corners.

Lock out tags protect everyone on site. If a switchboard circuit has been locked out, don’t even think of removing the tag.

Always plug your tools into an RCD box or an RCD protected circuit.

Before you go cutting or drilling into walls, make sure that you talk to us sparkies first so you don’t electrocute yourself on some cables.

Listen up at your tool box talks so you know what’s going on with power on site. Make sure you follow the Safe Work Method Statements, your SWMS.

And what about you? Are you good to go? No drugs or alcohol or distractions? If you see anything electrical that’s unsafe, turn it off, stop work and find the site supervisor.

Electricity can kill. When you’re working around electricity, think safe, work safe, go home safe.

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[Closing visual of slide with text saying ‘This video funded by Safe Work Australia, ACT Government, Access Canberra and endorsed by ACT Government, Training Fund Authority, Unions ACT, HIA, Construction Industry Training Council, Master Builders Australian Capital Territory’]

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