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Yolngu traditional owner, M. Mununggurr, speaks to her family about looking out for dangers and risks in daily life and at work, with one common goal – returning home safely to one another.


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This seminar is the second in a series filmed by NT WorkSafe as part of its Remote Workers Work Health and Safety Program. The program raises awareness of work health and safety in remote workplaces and communities by engaging community members and traditional owners.

This seminar and the Remote Workers Work Health and Safety Program was developed in collaboration with key Aboriginal corporations operating in the East Arnhem region.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar has been produced for the Yolngu workers and communities in Arnhem Land. Indigenous workers, communities and businesses, public sector organisations who engage with Indigenous communities and businesses, workers in regional and remote workplaces, and workers in challenging environments, will also find this broadcast valuable.

About the presenters

M. Mununggurr is a Yolngu traditional owner.

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djaka-madagarritj'ku – Keep Safe From Danger

Please note: if this transcript reads disjointed it is because it has been translated from language.

Keep Safe From Danger

My beloved family ever since you were little kids, whenever you would go hunting, we spoke to you first, and told you look around and be aware of dangerous things.

To keep an eye out for crocodiles. To not go out hunting when it is high tide, you wait for the low tide...then you go hunting.

When you go and cut roots for oysters...and climb inside the mangroves...always look out for dangers, like crocodiles and sea snakes.

And when you men go spear hunting...always lookout for one another, you must keep each other safe.

Keep your eyes open and look out for risks. Dangers that lay hidden in the water. We must all be safe.

Children, women, and men always looking around for the dangers in the world.

Yes, these are the things you have learnt to do. No matter where you are, at work, or anywhere in life you must use these same skills to do everything safely and to be always looking out for risks.

Thank you my beloved family for the things that you bring home like shellfish, seafood, and money but most importantly yourselves.

Thank you.

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