With the first floor frames and trusses ready on-site, using a crane the team was able to lift and put them smoothly into place in a single day. The relatively small investment in the right plant allowed this work to be completed safely and quickly.

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SafeWork NSW is the state’s workplace health and safety regulator.


Benefits of planning and scheduling in house construction

SafeWork NSW

SUPER: The following was shot on a house construction site in Sydney’s north west. With good planning and an investment of less than $1000, this work was completed safely in a single day.

Joe Allen, Site Manager, Clarendon Homes: I’ve worked for both large and business. When quoted correctly, the use of a crane forms and efficient building practice for both safety and productivity with the use of labour in other areas on-site to complete work. When done correctly, the use of a crane is not only for big business, but small.

David Currie, Group HSE Manager, Clarendon Homes:  We know that good scheduling, planning, and the use of mobile plant equipment such as cranes to build our houses improves overall productivity and safety on our sites.

Craig Sheens, Wisdom Homes: You’ve seen how efficient it was with the carnage, of lifting the trusses up onto the top floor – like I say, as a carpenter myself when I was an apprentice there was three of us. With a single storey house we used to pass the trusses up without the use of a crane and the time difference with a single storey wasn’t that great, but definitely on a double storey home, the amount of time saved in craning the trusses up and the first floor frames up is a considerable amount. You save (with a crew of three to four) I’d say you save a day. And times that by the four people on-site, it works out to be a fair amount of money.

Steve Fallon, Masterton Homes: I think it’s an excellent tool for the installation of frames and trusses on residential construction sites. It’s cost effective, it’s time effective, and it provides a safe method of work for tradesmen to come in, do their work while working at heights and leave the job site. If you’re not using this system, I think you should be using this system.

Nathan Owens, Eden Brae Homes:  After watching the video you can see that it is achievable for small and large businesses to incorporate the crane lift. It not only saves time, but you’re also potentially saving the risk of manual handling injuries.

Kane Heussner, Eden Brae Homes:  Nowadays the carpenter should be incorporating that into their price. It gets them onto the site easier, it gets them through the job quicker, and then onto the next one.

Mike Duncan, WorkCover NSW: Having seen the video through effective planning, implementation and organisation for your safety systems, productivity is not compromised through safety.

SUPER: This work was completed in only 7 hours with crane costs of less than $1000.

This modest investment not only saved time but also improved productivity by freeing up labour to complete other work.

Good planning benefits small business, big business, and everyone in between.

Don’t waste time and money.

Visit Workcover.nsw.gov.au or call 13 10 50 to find out how planning and scheduling of work can help your business.

Thank you to Clarendon Homes for their assistance in the development of this film.

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