The workplace fatality rate dropped by 44% between 2007 and 2015. Let’s make sure this trend continues.

About this seminar

Fatalities at work are devastating for everyone involved: workers, their family, their employer and the wider community too. This infographic provides a snapshot into the rates of fatalities in the workplace and key areas of concern for work health and safety.

Data from the infographic

195 workers died in 2015

187 (96%) of fatalities were men

¼ of fatalities were from a vehicle collision in 2015

Agriculture, forestry and fishing highest fatality rate 16.7 deaths per 100,000 workers in 2015

Almost 50% of fatalities were in 2 industries: transport, postal & warehousing and agriculture, forestry & fishing

Fatality rate decreased by 44% between 2007 & 2015

Who is this seminar for?

Work health and safety professionals, researchers and other stakeholders who are interested in statistics about work-related fatalities and injuries. This infographic will also interest workers and employers, specifically those in high-fatality industries, such as agriculture, construction and transport.

About the presenters

Safe Work Australia collects data and conducts research into workplace fatalities, and this infographic uses data drawn from the report listed below.

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