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The transport industry recorded the second highest number of work-related fatalities of all industries. Because of the exceedingly high risk of injury and death to workers the Australia Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22 will focus on the transport industry as a national priority. The road freight transport industry is primarily engaged in transporting freight using trucks on public roads and is a sub-sector of the road transport industry. Most workers’ compensation injury claims in the road freight transport industry are the result of hazards other than those found on the open road, such as body stressing and falls from a height while carrying out such tasks as loading and unloading goods and covering loads.


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80 workers killed each year in the road transport industry

Incident Percentage
Worker killed while driving a truck 58%
Truck related fatalities occurred on a public road 73%
Workers killed in a single vehicle crash 39%
Workers killed in a multi-vehicle crash 32%

4000 workers injured in the road freight sub-sector

Incident Percentage
Injuries occurred as a result of being hit by a vehicle or other moving objects 5%
Injuries occurred as a result of a fall from height 13%
Injuries occurred as a result of lifting and handling objects 34%
Injured workers typically need 5.7 weeks off work 5.7 weeks off work

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