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The model WHS Act requires you notify your regulator of certain types of workplace incidents.

  • You are only required to notify your regulator of the most serious safety incidents, and they trigger requirements to preserve the incident site pending further direction from your regulator.

Notifiable incidents

Notifiable incidents are:

  • The death of a person—whether an employee, contractor or member of the public.
  • A serious injury or illness.
  • A dangerous incident that exposes any person to a serious risk, even if no one is injured.

If a notifiable incident occurs the model WHS Act states that:

  • The regulator must be immediately notified.
  • Written notification must be submitted within 48 hours if requested by the regulator.
  • The incident site is preserved until an inspector arrives or directs otherwise. However this doesn’t prevent any action to help an injured person or make the site safe.

Call 000 if there is an immediate risk to life.

Further advice

SWA is not a regulator and cannot advise you about reporting a workplace incident. If you need help, please contact your state or territory work health and safety authority.

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