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Serious injuries are an ongoing issue in the workplace. They can impose devastating impacts on workers and sometimes preclude them from ever re-entering the workforce. This infographic highlights some of the effects serious injuries have on workers.

Data from the infographic

  • Serious claims fell 33% between 2000-01 & 2013-14
  • 5.9 serious claims per million hours worked in 2014-15
  • Women typically took 6 weeks off work for serious claims in 2013-14
  • Men typically took 5.3 weeks off work for serious claims in 2013-14
  • 32% of serious claims in 2014-15 were for muscular stress while lifting or handling objects
  • 60-64 year olds have highest frequency rate of 7.8 serious claims per million hours in 2014-15 – 7.7 for women, 7.9 for men

Who is this seminar for?

Work health and safety professionals, researchers and other stakeholders who are interested in statistics about work-related injuries and serious claims. This infographic will also interest workers and employers, specifically those in high-risk injury industries, such as agriculture, construction and transport.

About the presenters

Safe Work Australia collects data and conducts research into serious claims in the workplace, and this infographic uses data drawn from the report listed below.

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