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It uses online videos, info sheets, diagnostic tools with events and seminars for topics including:

  • productivity and growth
  • people and leadership
  • safety and workers compensation
  • environment and energy
  • systems and processes, and
  • research and case studies.

The information sheets available as part of this VSS are:

Leadership in Safety:

Download the document (max360-leadership-in-safety.pdf | max360-leadership-in-safety.docx)

Safety management systems:

Download the document (max360-safety-management-systems.pdf | max360-safety-management-systems.docx)

The information here will be useful for business owners and organisational leaders wanting to know more about these topics.

About the company

The Australian Industry Group is peak industry association which along with its affiliates represent the interests of more than 60,000 businesses in a diverse range of sectors.

The Australian Industry Group is an employer representative and Mr Mark Goodsell, Director of the NSW branch, is a Safe Work Australia Member.

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