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The Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics report is a key Safe Work Australia publication, providing detailed workers’ compensation statistics and claims trends. This infographic provides a snapshot of key statistics from 2014-15.

Data from the infographic

  • Men accounted for 64 per cent of claims
  • Women accounted for 36 per cent of claims
  • Labourers had the highest rate of workers’ compensation claims – almost three times higher than the national rate
  • The health care and social assistance industry had the highest number of claims (16 per cent of claims)
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing had the highest rate of claims (13.7)
  • Types of claims:
    • 90% of serious claims were due to injury and musculoskeletal disorders
    • 10% of serious claims were due to diseases
  • Cause of claims:
    • 32% of serious claims were caused by muscular stress while lifting or handling objects
    • 23% of serious claims were caused by falls, trips and slips
  • Objects involved in claims:
    • 25% of serious claims were due to non-powered hand tools and equipment
    • 16% of serious claims were due to Machinery and fixed plant
  • Areas of the body most affected by injury and disease:
    • the back (21%)
    • the hand (13%)
    • the shoulder (11%)
    • the knee (10%)

Please note: All statistics relate to serious claims.

All statistics for this infographic have been sourced from Safe Work Australia's Australian Workers' Compensation Statistics 2014-15 report.

Who is this seminar for?

Work health and safety professionals, researchers and other stakeholders who are interested in statistics about work-related injuries and diseases.

About the presenters

Safe Work Australia collects a variety of data about worker’s compensation and this infographic summarises data from the Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2014-15 report.

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