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Healthcare professionals experience a high rate of serious injury and disease related to their work. This can cause significant time off work and can prevent employees from re-entering the workforce. This infographic looks at the key factors attributed to serious claims by healthcare professionals, so that we can focus on how to reduce these statistics.

Data from the infographic

  • 327 claims per week
  • Most injuries are to the back (29%) and upper limbs (26%)
  • 24% of claims are due to muscular stress whilst handling objects
  • 6% of healthcare employees made a serious claim as a result of being assaulted
  • 2 in 100 residential care service employees experience serious injury
  • Serious claims made between 2013-14 to 2017-18
    • 25% of personal carers
    • 13% of midwifery and nursing professionals
    • 11% of health and welfare support employees

Who is this seminar for?

Work health and safety professionals, researchers, employers and workers in the healthcare industry, particularly nurses and midwives and their employers and supervisors.

Additional resources

Extracted from Safe Work Australia's National Dataset for Compensation-based Statistics - healthcare and social assistance.

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