This report summarises the research findings for self-reported exposure to multiple hazards from the 2008 National Hazard Exposure Worker Surveillance (NHEWS) Survey. A total of 4500 workers participated in the NHEWS survey. The report focuses on the prevalence of self-reported exposure to multiple hazards and examines different types of multiple exposures such as the average number of hazards workers reported exposure to and co-exposure to noise and vibration. It also identifies patterns of self-reported exposure to multiple hazards in terms of demographic, employment and workplace characteristics. This report complements research reports on individual hazards from the NHEWS survey that have already been published on the Safe Work Australia web site.

This research report has been written to inform the development of work health and safety policies to reduce exposure to hazards in Australian workplaces. The views and conclusions expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of Safe Work Australia members.

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