Dichloromethane (CAS 75-09-2) is a colourless, volatile liquid with a sweetish odour.

The major uses of dichloromethane are:

  • production of paint stripper
  • furniture stripping
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • chemical manufacturing or formulation
  • process solvents
  • polyurethane foam manufacturing
  • metal degreasing
  • stripping and degreasing in electronics industry
  • solvent in polycarbon resin production
  •  photographic film based manufacturing
  • formulation of adhesives, varnish sealants, adhesive removers, dry cleaning products, paints, insecticides, hair spray, and detergents

This guide provides information for those registered medical practitioners engaged by a PCBU to carry out or supervise health monitoring for workers. This guidance should be read in conjunction with the following:

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