The Comparative performance monitoring (CPM) reports provide trend analysis on work health and safety and workers’ compensation schemes operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Information in the main report and in all its supplementary material is designed to facilitate improving work health and safety, workers’ compensation and related service outcomes in Australia and New Zealand schemes through accessible reporting that monitors the comparative performance of jurisdictions over time.

The report also enables benchmarking across jurisdictions and the identification of best practice to support policy making.

This publication was revised and re-issued on 28 July 2017. The 2014-15 Injury Denominator Data that was supplied to Safe Work Australia included an incomplete population, impacting the serious claim incidence and frequency rates for 2014-15. This data has now been corrected.

Copies of this report that were downloaded or printed on or before 27 July 2017 are now out of date and should be replaced with the revised report.

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