Chromium (CAS 7440-47-3) is a steel-grey metal that exists in a number of oxidation states, including

  • the free metal
  • trivalent chromium compounds (Cr[III]), and
  • hexavalent chromium compounds (Cr[VI]).

Examples of work activities involving chromium compounds that may require special attention include:

  • welding, cutting and hard-facing of stainless steel
  • manual metal arc welding of high chromium steels
  • chrome plating
  • refractory production
  • addition of cement to gravel and sand to make concrete
  • leather tanning
  • timber preservation using, for example, copper chrome arsenic
  • chromate use in the textile industry
  • chrome pigment use, for example in paints

This guide provides information for those registered medical practitioners engaged by a PCBU to carry out or supervise health monitoring for workers. This guidance should be read in conjunction with the following:

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