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The aim of the original study was to determine construction and maintenance workers level of awareness of risks of exposure to asbestos; current levels of compliance with requirements for working with ACMs; barriers to compliance and measuring the current level of exposure to asbestos in certain activities.

It was found that, while a high level of awareness and confidence of construction and maintenance workers’ to be able to protect themselves from asbestos, this awareness and confidence was not matched by putting the necessary safety precautions in place.

The present report is a follow up of that previous report of February 2010 with the aims to conduct literature review of work safety behaviour models, examine which factors influenced workers’ understanding of the risks of asbestos and to examine factors influencing compliance with safe work practices when working with asbestos containing materials (ACMs)

As the study included 262 workers and did not contain a random sampling of workers – the follow-up report findings should be interpreted with caution. Further research is needed to confirm the study findings and to validate and examine why some trades were more likely to follow safe work practices compared to others.

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