You must talk with your workers and their elected Health and Safety Representative (HSR) (if represented) about health and safety at your workplace. This includes talking about all matters relating to silica dust.
Workers must be consulted on health and safety matters including (but not limited to):

  • identifying risks of silica dust exposure
  • developing a silica dust control plan
  • making changes to processes or procedures that generate silica dust
  • improving controls put in place to protect workers from silica dust
  • resolving health and safety issues
  • health monitoring
  • monitoring the conditions at the workplace, and
  • providing information and training for workers.

Participation of your workers in discussions about health and safety is important, as they are most likely to know about the risks of their work. Joint involvement in identifying hazards and assessing and controlling workplace risks will help build worker commitment to this process and any changes that may result.

The model Code of Practice: Work health and safety consultation, cooperation and coordination can give you more information about your duties to consult.

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