The General guide for scaffolds and scaffolding work provides information for persons conducting a business or undertaking on how to manage the risks associated with scaffolds and scaffolding work at a workplace.

This Guide is supported by specific guidance material for:

  • common types of scaffolds and scaffolding
  • suspended (swing stage) scaffolds, and
  • scaffold inspection and maintenance.

The Information Sheet: Tower and mobile scaffolds provides advice for small businesses and workers on managing the risks associated with tower and mobile scaffolds and related scaffolding work.

The word ‘should’ is used in these documents to indicate a recommended course of action, while ‘may’ is used to indicate an optional course of action.

The words ‘must’, ‘requires’ or ‘mandatory’ indicate that a legal requirement exists in the WHS laws and must be complied with.

(These documents were published without all accessibility requirements for electronic documents met. Accessible word and PDF versions that meet all accessibility requirements are now available. These versions replace the previous ‘inaccessible’ versions.)

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