Safe Work Australia uses variety of Cloud platforms to delivers some of its services which may be based in overseas locations. Safe Work Australia chooses Cloud platforms if they demonstrate value for money and adequate security and privacy.

You may contact Safe Work Australia and ask to have your data removed from our Cloud-based databases.

If reasonably practicable we may offer an alternative method for storing your data. 
We also give individuals the option to interact with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym providing you have provided us with sufficient details for us to provide the requested services.

Safe Work Australia contractually requires all cloud providers to delete its data after it is no longer required or the contract to provide the service is terminated.

Outlined below are examples of Cloud platforms used by Safe Work Australia, the countries laws that the service is subject to and alternative options.

Service Cloud Provider Countries data is retained Alternative methods for using service
Subscription and Mailing list Campaign Monitor (AU)Privacy Policy Australia, United States All emails are available online for viewing. Signing up to service with a pseudonym and other anonymous details (except email address).
Online Forms Wufoo (USA) - Privacy Policy Australia, United States Forms are provided in PDF and DOC formats and can be posted or emailed.
Web-based Surveys Survey Monkey (USA) - Privacy Policy Australia, United States Use of pseudonym and other anonymous details. Printable version of Survey which can be posted or emailed.

By agreeing to this Cloud Policy you understand that your data may be hosted overseas and subject to laws outside of Australia.

By agreeing to the Cloud Policy you do not waive any of your legal rights under Australian Law.

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