Example of QR code imageIn industries such as construction, the time, place and way a safety message is communicated can be key to its effectiveness. CodeSafe Solutions (CodeSafe) and Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) partnered with WorkSafe Victoria to provide a new option for accessing information to enhance health and safety in this industry.

Master Builders and CodeSafe filmed short targeted safety demonstrations of high risk construction activities. QR codes linking to these videos can be embedded into Safe Work Method Statements. These engaging videos can then be quickly accessed  using a QR code scanner on people’s mobile devices whenever they need them.

Some of the many benefits of this include:

  • Making best practice information quickly and easily available on site including workplace policies, procedures and safety critical information.
  • This information is available to all workers, including those working remotely or whenever quick, simple  and timely reminders are needed.
  • Providing an option for workers to learn about safer work methods who may have problems understanding and reading English.
  • Employers can choose using secure software to monitor users engagement and comprehension with safety instructions.

The safety videos  will also be available to download from the MBAV website.

The top 10 construction safety issues identified by WorkSafe Victoria will be covered including:

  • truss erection (complete)
  • framing (complete)
  • nail gun use (complete)
  • trenching and working around mobile plant
  • elevated work platform use
  • plastering balustrade erection, and
  • preventing structural collapse of structures.

The visual procedures on specific topics were  created in close consultation with builders and subcontractors and the Civil Contractors Federation and Plasterer Association.

Feedback received from workers, subcontractors and principal contractors on using the QR codes  has been very  positive.

Examples of the videos  being  used are the nail gun project video and the trusserection project video.

Ensuring the software system and platform that  manages  the data and generates the QR code  is appropriate to the business needs is vital to the success and security of the system.

For more information visit the Master Builders Association of Victoria website.

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