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WorkCover Tasmania advertisingIn 2012-2013, to improve Tasmania’s levels of work related death, disease and injury, WorkSafe Tasmania developed a state wide program called Better Work Tasmania (BWT).

In developing the BWT program, presentations, forums, focus groups, telephone surveys and interviews were held over 18 months to find out what stakeholders thought were the key components of a possible state-wide approach. A prototype group of seven organisations was then set up and consulted on mechanisms to deliver these key components to the Tasmanian community.

The prototype program tested whether participants would respond to a process which offered a balance of incentives like advice, networking and mentoring, and rewards such as recognition, grants and specialist advice to improve work health and safety.

Following the prototype the BWT program was then adjusted to:

  • Increase the focus on establishing networks based around the host/supply chain model with an emphasis on BWT members working together on selected work health and safety issues.
  • Include an ‘ideas forum space’ where BWT members exchange suggestions on work health and safety problems.
  • Include a resolution registry system which meant if an issue is not resolved then an enquiry can be registered and an advisor will then make contact with them. This includes an improvement plan which may be developed with incentives or rewards should a satisfactory outcome be achieved.
  • Provide access to free online work health and safety induction and other training opportunities to and by BWT members.

The next step for the BWT program is to facilitate participants to register on a website and identify the areas where they are willing to:

  • join a network
  • be a mentor/mentee or participate in an initiative, or
  • provide other assistance and gain information on a range of work health and safety issues.

This website will also identify other network participants who can help provide enquirers with relevant contact details.

The work on the BWT program will continue over the next year (2014) with the prototype group testing various components of the model.

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For more information on the Better Work Tasmania program visit the WorkSafe Tasmania website.

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