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WorkCover NSWLike all work health  and safety regulators, a large part of WorkCover NSW’s role is to issue authorisations such as licences, accreditations and permits. These authorisations cover  a variety of activities like asbestos removal, demolition work, high risk work and construction work.

To ensure fair, transparent and consistent processes when  issuing these authorisations, WorkCover NSW has developed a system to make sure it manages  these authorisations effectively and lawfully.

The Authorisation Control Framework (ACF) means WorkCover officers and clients  can easily understand how  to apply  for permission for those  activities, and how  applications will be decided. It includes rules and guidance so applications are handled fairly and everyone can understand the process. Workers carrying out jobs requiring licences  and permits can be confident that their  paperwork and training has been reviewed and meets legal requirements.

WorkCover NSW has had positive feedback from its own  staff and the public that  indicate the new processes are making things a lot easier.

Under  the ACF, WorkCover NSW will regularly review authorisations and its administrative systems. This means members of the public can confidently trust that  workers in NSW have the right authority for any work they  do.

The ACF is a streamlined system, meaning workplace risks are being  managed with red tape and business costs kept to a minimum.

Thank you very much. Please pass on my thanks to all in the WorkCover Operations division. I have found your courtesy, patience and efficiency reassuring and have really appreciated your assistance,” said a registered training organisation compliance manager.

Enjoyed the Induction Course,I gained a lot from it and feel more at ease about commencing as a WorkCover assessor. Also know I have WorkCover behind me for assistance when starting out in conducting assessments,” said a new WorkCover assessor applicant.

For further information on the Authorisation Control Framework or other ways WorkCover NSW is working to help business improve work health  and safety visit the WorkCover NSW website or call 13 10 50.

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