SA Government logoLeaders can be powerful drivers of positive organisational culture when they value and implement good health and safety practices. Influential industry leaders can also empower other leaders’ attitudes, including on work health and safety.

SafeWork South Australia’s (SA) Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program brought together leaders and key decision makers living and working in regional areas–Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Lincoln–and gained a collective commitment to reducing workplace injuries by five per cent a year.

These regions were selected as each has a readily identifiable business leadership group, key businesses committed to improving safety performance and a SafeWork SA regional office able to readily provide ongoing support for the program.

The program was launched by SafeWork SA’s Executive Director in 2013 with four forums held to share local industry leaders’ stories about:

  • safety culture
  • implementing safety management systems
  • contractor safety
  • hazardous manual tasks
  • employing people with disabilities
  • traffic management, and
  • managing risks in the diving industry.

The program has been a great success and is now delivered by regional officers with local leaders in Port Pirie and Whyalla agreeing to:

  • provide an ongoing forum to foster and promote leadership in health and safety
  • motivate and encourage workplaces to adopt a zero harm at work culture, and
  • highlight industries and areas within the regions where significant injuries occur.

More information

For more information on the SafeWork SA Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program visit the SafeWork SA website.

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