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SA WorkCoverFor most Australians, the best reasons for staying safe at work are their  families, friends and loved  ones. To promote and encourage safe, fair and productive working lives, SafeWork SA released  the Share Your Reason campaign which asks South Australians to think  about work health  and safety and encourage them  to value and take responsibility for safe and healthy work practices.

Based on a similar  campaign run by WorkCover Tasmania, South Australians ware asked to share their  reason for being  safe at work by lodging a photo and a statement to the Share Your Reason website. The television content of the campaign was comprised of these photos showcasing the reasons for staying safe at work.

SafeWork SA used information from WorkCover SA to identify the priority target audiences for this campaign. There were several audiences, consistent with national priority industries. The highest priority was predominantly male workers aged 25–65 years old workers. The campaign also reached out to these workers’ families, who  can influence them  to value work health  and safety.

The campaign’s focus was on behavioural change  so that  work health  and safety was taken seriously by workers who  believe safe working conditions are mandatory.

The Share Your Reason campaign included digital, radio, online and television advertising supported by media  liaison and social media  outreach.

Overall, market research  confirmed that  the campaign was effective in getting people to take the initiative for improving their  health  and safety in the workplace. It was also influential in changing perceptions in the short term in favour of workplace safety.

Some interesting outcomes of the campaign:

  • Members of the public uploaded more  than 265 photographs during the campaign.
  • The primary reasons people identified for being  safe at work were  “for everyone’s safety” (58 per cent) and so that  people “can return home  safely to their  family” (54 per cent).
  • The campaign reached around 70 per cent  of the South Australian population with the average viewer seeing each advertisement over ten times.
  • Market research  in April 2013 and then April and June 2014 found that  South  Australians considered work health  and safety as important as road  safety (94 per cent). This level of importance remained consistent throughout the campaign.
  • Research  also found that  two in five workers (43 per cent) had recently heard  something about the importance of workplace safety.
  • Following the campaign, nearly  three  quarters (71 per cent) of people felt it was important to take responsibility for workplace safety.
  • Around four in five people (80 per cent) believed that their current workplace health  and safety policies were  effective, with 29 per cent  of people likely to report safety hazards  and a further 19 per cent  likely to fix safety hazards.

The next priority for SafeWork SA is evolving the message  and making sure it reaches  the identified priority industry sectors consistently.

For more  information visit the SafeWork SA website and the Share Your Reason website.

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