QLD Government logoLoad restraint devices are used in the road transport industry to secure cargo and loads. The work health and safety risks associated with load restraint devices called ‘dogs’ and ‘cheater bars’ are quite well known and the road transport industry is moving towards using alternative load restraint devices.

The use of the alternative load restraint devices raised concerns about the potential for sprain and strain injuries.

To address this issue Workplace Health and Safety Queensland engaged a contractor with engineering and ergonomic expertise, to research information about the extent of the risks associated with using these alternative devices.

This was a collaborative project involving manufacturers and the road transport industry who:

  • supplied devices for assessment
  • completed surveys, and
  • attended focus groups.

The project found:

  • the alternative load restraint devices were safer than ‘dogs’, and ‘cheater bars’, and
  • there were opportunities to improve the safety of the alternative load restraint devices through design.

To adopt the recommendations outlined in the project Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, manufacturers and the contract researcher will discuss change management processes.

Guidance material will also be developed for industry to identify safer load restraint devices. This material will assist the road transport industry and their supply chains to improve safety through better design.

More information

For more information on the load restraint devices project visit the WorkSafe Queensland website.

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