Image of loading truckThe potential dangers involved with numerous different operators, freight and vehicles  on one site are somethingAustralian AmalgamatedTerminals (AAT) face on a daily basis. AAT  operate a multi-user terminal at the Port of Brisbane.

With a number of businesses  operating various  vehicles, trailers and load types within one terminal, the risk of falls from trucks was identified as a serious issue requiring attention. AAT  decided to take a consultative approach to identifying and managing the risks associated with falls from trucks.

AAT  participated in a workshop run by Workplace Health  and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) on preventing workers falling from trucks and used this to start an internal safety group. This group undertook consultation, including discussion with major transport contractors within their  supply chain, to identify the load types and relevant operators involved.

The coordinator of the internal safety group then  formed four consultative groups, one for each of the load types that AAT receives:

  • steel transporters
  • “roll-on, roll-off” heavy  machinery transporters
  • general  freight, and
  • car.

Each group looked at identifying the known risks about falls specific to that  load type. From  this, the group began  identifying and developing best practice solutions to managing the risk of falls.

As a result of this program, AAT  have implemented a number of control measures  since the consultation commenced. One of the more  significant controls has been the introduction of truck stands. To support this, AAT  prepared instructions on their use, and conducted training for both internal staff and their supply chain. They have just completed a short safety video  that includes how  to use the truck stands.

AAT  will reflect these changes  in their  site policies and procedures and ensure that they  are effectively communicated to existing and new operators coming on site. It is expected that the uniform policies and procedures will improve efficiencies when  loading and unloading.

For more  information visit the Workplace Healthand Safety Queensland website or call them on 1300 369 915.

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