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206. While travelling on Agency business, all employees are entitled to accommodation (consistent with Agency travel rates), meals and transport without personal expense.

207. For further information, refer to the Safe Work Australia Travel Policy.

Recognition of Travel Time

208. For APS level employees, travel on Agency business undertaken during the Bandwidth may be recorded as Flex Time, subject to any directions from the Chief Executive Officer as to how travel time is recorded.

209. The start and finish times of the 12 hour Bandwidth may be adjusted in recognition of travel time with the Chief Executive Officer’s prior written approval (e.g. 5.00 am – 5.00 pm).

210. Travel time will not be paid as overtime.

Part Day Travel

211. Where an employee is required to travel for official purposes for a period of 10 hours or more but no overnight stay, the employee will be entitled to an allowance of $44 for part day travel payable to the employee through the pay system.

Travel Expenditure

212. An employee who undertakes travel on official business and is required to be away from home overnight will be entitled to have actual travel expenditure within the indicative daily cap paid for or reimbursed by the Agency. Payment or reimbursement for travel expenditure incurred in excess of the indicative daily cap must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

213. Employees may withdraw up to $40 for incidentals and meals, where the employee chooses, from an ATM without the requirement to provide receipts of expenditure. Any cash withdrawal will reduce the indicative daily cap available for other meals or incidental costs by the amount withdrawn.

214. Where the employee chooses to stay in non-commercial accommodation no accommodation expenses will be paid by the Agency. An employee may access up to $60 per night to meet expenses associated with staying in non-commercial accommodation. Meal costs are expected to be charged to the travel card.

Reviewed Travel Allowance

215. Payment arrangements and the level of entitlement for travel expenses will be reviewed after 21 days and paid on the basis of reasonable actual expenses or an alternative package of assistance approved by the Chief Executive Officer. A trip home will not be regarded as a break for the purposes of determining reviewed travel allowance.

Motor Vehicle Allowance

216. Where the Chief Executive Officer authorises an employee to use their private vehicle for official purposes, Australian Taxation Office rates will apply.

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