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Workplace Responsibility Allowance

60. An ongoing employee is entitled to a Workplace Responsibility Allowance of $26 per fortnight where they are appointed to a workplace responsibility role. For further information regarding this Allowance, refer to the Workplace Responsibility Allowance Policy.

61. A workplace responsibility role includes a First Aid Officer, Harassment Contact Officer, Fire Warden or Health and Safety Representative.

Community and Indigenous Australian Languages Allowance

62. An employee is eligible for an annual allowance of $1,700 per annum where the employee is accredited to a fluent level in a recognised Community or Indigenous Australian language by an appropriate individual or body, and where the employee is required to utilise a particular Community or Indigenous Australian language in the delivery of the Agency’s programs.

Loss, Damage and Indemnity Allowance

63. The Chief Executive Officer may approve reimbursement to an employee for loss or damage to clothing or personal effects which occurred in the course of the employee’s work. This reimbursement is not subject to tax instalment deductions.

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