About the Agreement

1. This Agreement shall be known as the Safe Work Australia Enterprise Agreement 2015–2018 and is made under section 172 of the Fair Work Act.


2. This Agreement covers:

  1. the Chief Executive Officer of Safe Work Australia, for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as the employer; and
  2. all employees of Safe Work Australia other than Senior Executive Service employees.

Commencement and Duration

3. This Agreement will begin operation seven days after approval by the Fair Work Commission.

4. This Agreement shall nominally expire three years after the date of commencement.


5. The Chief Executive Officer may, in writing, delegate any of the Chief Executive Officer’s powers or functions under this Agreement (other than under this clause).

6. A person exercising powers or functions under clause 5 must comply with any direction of the Chief Executive Officer.


7. The operation of this Agreement is supported by Agency policies, procedures and guidelines. If there is any inconsistency between the policies, procedures and guidelines and the terms of this Agreement, the express terms of this Agreement prevail.

8. The Agency will ensure that all policies, procedures and guidelines are readily available to employees.

9. Policies, procedures and guidelines which support the operation of this Agreement may be made or varied from time to time. The Agency will consult with employees for up to 14 days before any new policy, procedure or guideline, or variation to existing policies, procedures or guidelines, is implemented. Policies, procedures and guidelines apply in the form they are in as at the time of any relevant action/decision.

10. Agency policies, procedures and guidelines do not form part of this Agreement.

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