Innovative trainingThe building industry historically has some of the poorest work health and safety outcomes across Australia.

Workers in the building industry often learn more effectively by doing and practising rather than using more conventional learning methods.

Master Builders Australia (MBA) Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) was designed to help leaders and supervisors get the most out of their building team and improve the quality of training provided in the building and construction industry. The centre uses state-of-the-art simulation technology.

Simulation learning involves immersion of the participant in a realistic situation (scenario) created within a physical space (simulator) that replicates a real environment. With this in mind, the ethos at the BLSC is simple: We learn by doing.

This model of learning has a far greater and more immediate impact than traditional training methods.

The success of this type of training style has been demonstrated over many years in the aviation, mining and medical industries.

One of the exciting training modules offered at the BLSC simulates a virtual worksite. The scenarios are designed to test decision-making, problem-solving and leadership skills. Participants are confronted with simulated challenges based on a real building site but without the risks of delays, defects, cost blow outs or injuries.

The Master Builders Association is a member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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For more information visit the Building Leadership Simulation Centre website.

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