Work Cover NSW advertisingWorkCover New South Wales (NSW) identified small businesses were experiencing problems accessing work health and safety information and needed greater certainty around their insurance premiums.

In June 2013 WorkCover NSW introduced its Small Employer Incentives Package (the Package) to help address these issues. The Package was developed, in consultation with a Small Business Stakeholder Reference Group, to align with WorkCover NSW’s 2013 Small Business Strategy.

The Package provides financial incentives for improved work health and safety and injured worker return to work outcomes, greater premium certainty and reduces the bureaucratic process and requirements or red tape for small businesses.

The incentives include:

  • Broadening the definition of a small business employer to include an additional 25 000 employers. This means 96 per cent of NSW’s employers will not be experience rated and will now have the certainty of having their premium set before policy renewal.
  • A 10 per cent Employer Safety Incentive Premium Discount provided upfront for each policy period, which small employers retain if they have no injured worker off work for more than four weeks.
  • A Return to Work Incentive for employers who have an injured worker who returns to work within 13 weeks, allowing them to still earn a 10 per cent reduction on premiums.
  • A further five per cent discount for small business employers on their annual account payment, which eliminates the requirement to estimate wages, increases the time to report actual wages and aligns all renewal dates to the end of a calendar month.

In addition special promotion rebates are available to help small business owners in the following industries:

  • Small business rebate (up to $500 for all small businesses in NSW)
  • Sheep and beef cattle farmers
  • Estuarine fishing (up to $500), and
  • Road freight transport operators (up to $2000 for small operators).

More information

For more information on the Small Employer Incentives Package visit the SafeWork NSW website.

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