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Image of transport truckThroughout 2013-14 SafeWork South Australia’s (SA) ongoing workplace inspection activities complemented the agency’s Industry Improvement Program that worked with identified industry workplaces to improve safety.

In 2013 the program focused on:

  • engaging the high-risk industry workplaces across the agriculture sector, aged care services, construction, hospitality, road freight transport, manufacturing and meat products manufacturing, and
  • large and medium sized poor-performing registered employers to promote a systematic approach to work health and safety management.

As part of the program, SafeWork SA participated in a number of national Heads of Workplace Safety Authority injury prevention campaigns to:

  • help reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders and ensure compliance in effective risk controls related to hazardous clinical manual tasks within residential aged care facilities
  • address falls from a height and at the same level within the road freight transport sector, and
  • provide education and guidance to pig farm owners and managers.

SafeWork SA also engaged industry stakeholders committees on support strategies targeting priority issues to improve health and safety performance, specifically with the:

  • SA Aged Care Industry Work Health and Safety Consultative Committee
  • Construction Industry Safety Committee
  • Hospitality Industry Occupational Health and Safety Association
  • Manufacturing Working Party, and
  • Meat Products Manufacturing Safety Committee.

SafeWork SA also supported small business through a range of proactive initiatives including development of a guide to help small businesses effectively manage safety–Seven steps for small business-and supporting online information.

SafeWork SA is evolving its preventive approach by initiating sector wide education and support projects in partnership with industry, business, unions and the community more broadly to help more workplaces improve their work health and safety systems and outcomes. SafeWork SA is engaging and working with all tiers of identified priority industries to address work health and safety issues with them strategically to enable the state to continue to meet injury reduction targets.

Evidence based engagement plans enabling high level participation, awareness and resolution of issues will see stakeholders supported to better meet their responsibilities and enable improved work health and safety outcomes.

Project delivery of the engagement plans will be a shared activity supported by ten SafeWork SA’s inspectors actively working with people to drive positive work health and safety environments, cultures and practices.

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For more information on the SafeWork SA Industry Improvement Program visit the SafeWork SA website.

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