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Psychological safety imageHow  to effectively prevent and manage psychological injuries and illness let alone promote good mental health in the workplace can be confusing and at times overwhelming for some businesses. The Australian Industry Group  (Ai Group) recognised this challenge and their 2014 national safety conference was designed to increase  participants’ awareness and skills.

The conference provided an introductory look at current prevention strategies and support processes employers can use to address  the rising  personal and business cost of psychological illness and injury.

The conference helped demystify this important workplace issue, with three  themes:

  • prevent
  • manage, and
  • support.

The conference brought together high profile speakers  and businesses  to increase  awareness and skills in this important area.

In addition to a high level of attendance with positive feedback, Ai Group  allowed some presentations to be filmed and released as part of the Safe Work Australia Virtual Seminar  Series during Safety Month in October 2014. This allowed these important messages  to reach a far greater audience than the conference alone.

Ai Group continues to be actively involved in this issue, with ongoing involvement in the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, Superfriend’s project on mental wellbeing in the workplace, and other related issues.

The three videos available to watch from this conference are:

For more information visit the Ai Group website.

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