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Farmer installing irrigationAcross  Australia work health  and safety regulators are continually working towards the vision of healthy, safe and productive working lives. In South  Australia (SA) SafeWork SA is working with identified priority industries to address work health and safety issues.

SafeWork SA already had an Industry Improvement Program which worked with workplaces to improve safety. It focused on promoting a systematic approach to safety management with large and medium sized businesses who were struggling in this area.

SafeWork SA replaced its Industry Improvement Program with a new approach in July 2014. The agency is now  engaging with industry sectors strategically to improve work health and safety, partnering with industry sectors and extending the reach of prevention activities and helping more workplaces improve their work health  and safety systems and outcomes.

A team of SafeWork SA inspectors is supporting this engagement with clear goals and objectives to drive positive work health and safety environments, cultures and practices. This team has the primary aim of providing practical advice and education to business and workers.

This new approach is gaining ever increasing participation and awareness, helping stakeholders to identify and solve problems as well as supporting them to better meet their responsibilities and achieve improved outcomes.

Initially it is concentrating on these six identified priority industries:

  • agriculture
  • road  transport
  • manufacturing
  • accommodation and food services
  • public administration and safety, and
  • health  care and social assistance.

Since the introduction of the new engagement plan SafeWork SA has delivered successful injury  prevention campaigns targeting various issues within the priority industries to:

  • help reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders within residential aged care facilities
  • address falls within the road freight transport sector, and
  • engage with pig farm owners and managers.

This new approach has led to SafeWork SA teaming up with industry stakeholder groups for various activities, including gaining support and assistance for the campaigns and strategies the  develop. It has partnered with groups in industries such as:

  • Aged Care Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing, and
  • Meat Products Manufacturing.

SafeWork SA has also produced the guide Simple steps to safety for Small Business to help small businesses effectively manage safety. There is information available on the SafeWork SA website to further support this guide.

What now?

SafeWork SA has evolved its approach to prevention to focus on sector-wide education and support projects in partnership with industry, business, unions  and the community. Six community engagement plans have been developed for the priority industries.

For more  information visit the SafeWork SA website or call 1300 365 255

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