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Before working with hazardous chemicals

As a worker, you may start health monitoring before you start working. This is known as baseline monitoring.

This helps your PCBU and doctor to see if your health changes over the time you are working with hazardous chemicals. It may be a physical check and sometimes urine, blood or lung tests, and will depend on the hazardous chemical you will work with.

While working with hazardous chemicals

While you are working with hazardous chemicals, your health monitoring will include regular checks and tests by the doctor. It may need you to check your own skin (which the doctor will show you how to do) or answer questions about your breathing.

How often your health is monitored will depend on the hazardous chemical you work with, how much you are in contact with it and how you work. How often your health is monitored may also change because of:

  • how often you use certain chemicals, for example daily, weekly or seasonally
  • what earlier health monitoring, air monitoring or surface wipe testing showed, and
  • you reporting signs of exposure or injury, illness or disease that might be because of your work with hazardous chemicals.

Sometimes you will have a one-off health monitoring check if you are around a spill or leak or at work.

After working with hazardous chemicals

You should have a final health check when you stop working with a hazardous chemical. Your PCBU will arrange this check in consultation with you.

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