Dough equipmentUnsafe machinery can result in severe and sometimes fatal workplace injuries.

To minimise these risks to Victorian workers WorkSafe Victoria developed a strategic and operational approach to identify and address the health and safety risks arising from inherently unsafe machinery.

One example of this strategic approach is the Bakery Dough Moulders Project.

In Victoria a number of different dough moulders used within the baking industry were inherently unsafe due to their poor design.

To help affected customers Worksafe Victoria asked the supplier of the machinery to provide relevant customer lists. Inspectors then met with these customers, alerted them to the dough moulders safety risks and assisted with identifying possible controls.

Inspectors also met with the upstream duty holders, including designers, manufacturers and suppliers providing them with insights on the dough moulders design used in these types of workplaces.

Through this strategic approach opportunities to improve the safety of these devices were identified, including a retrofit solution and new machinery guarding.

Designers, manufacturers and suppliers were also actively engaged to change the machine design to make it safer.

More information

For more information on the Bakery Dough Moulders Project visit the Victorian WorkCover Authority website.

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