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An annual report on the Australian Strategy will be published. The Australian Strategy was reviewed in 2017 to ensure it continues to generate sustained improvements in work health and safety.


The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022 was updated to incorporate edits agreed to by Safe Work Australia Members in response to the findings of the mid-term review of the Strategy. These updates are listed below.

  1. Change references from ‘priority disorders’ to ‘priority conditions’.
  2. Amend the list of priority conditions as follows (changes in bold):
    • musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
    • mental health conditions  
    • cancers (including skin cancer and asbestos-related cancers)
    • occupational lung diseases
    • contact dermatitis, and
    • noise-induced hearing loss 
  3. Update the Leadership and culture action area to explicitly reference ‘bullying, harassment and occupational violence’ as follows (changes in bold):

Organisational cultures can be influenced by broader community values and attitudes. Community expectations can be powerful drivers of change and collectively influence the nation’s health and safety culture. When the Australian community expects and demands that work be free from harm any failure to do so generates community pressure and action.

The existence of bullying, harassment and occupational violence is identified as a hazard and requires organisational and community leadership to reduce incidence and impact.

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