Safe Work Australia’s website has advice on work health and safety and how to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace.

Safe Work Australia does not regulate or enforce WHS laws or restrictions on business operations.

I have a COVID-19 question about …. See
Advice about my workplace Contact your WHS regulator
Public health requirements, including physical distancing and how long restrictions may be in place for

Your local state and territory health department

Australian Government Department of Health

General work health and safety advice on COVID-19 COVID-19 in your workplace
Where can I find information on work health and safety and COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines work health and safety information

Go to the Department of Health website for information about COVID-19 vaccines and the COVID-19 Vaccines National Rollout Strategy

Go to the Fair Work Ombudsman website for information on COVID-19 vaccines and Australian workplace laws

Where I can find resources like posters for businesses

Business resource kit

Signage and posters

What to do if a worker has COVID-19 What to do if a worker has COVID-19 - infographic
What employers need to do in the workplace

Workplace checklist

Information for workplaces

Small business hub

What are practical steps employers can take

5 things to do in your workplace

How to keep workers safe

If workers are covered by workers’ compensation if they contract COVID-19 Workers’ compensation and COVID-19
What are the WHS requirements when working from home Working from home
How do I protect my workers’ mental health during COVID-19 Mental health and COVID-19
Businesses not complying with public health requirements See your state or territory government website for enforcement information
Businesses not meeting their WHS duties Contact your WHS regulator to report unsafe work
Financial assistance and leave entitlements

Contact Fair Work Ombudsman for workplace entitlements

Contact Services Australia for financial support

Advice for a specific industry

Safe Work Australia develops policy to improve work health and safety (WHS) and workers' compensation arrangements in Australia.

Safe Work Australia does not regulate or enforce WHS laws or restrictions on business operations.

If your question isn’t answered above and relates to COVID-19 national policy for WHS or workers' compensation, please email In your email, please include the state or territory jurisdiction in which you primarily work.

Please be aware we can’t respond to questions on other COVID-19 topics, for example, questions about the national rollout of COVID-19 vaccines or how the vaccines work.

State or territory government

State or territory government is responsible for implementing, regulating and enforcing WHS and workers’ compensation schemes.

You need to contact your WHS regulator if you need help with:

  • licensing, licences or white cards
  • reporting a workplace incident or situation
  • bullying
  • if you need advice on how WHS laws apply to you.

You need to contact your workers’ compensation authority if you need help with:

  • workers’ compensation claims and questions.

Safe Work Australia

If you have a question or comment relating to national policy for WHS or workers’ compensation, contact us at:

Be aware that we can only respond to questions relating to our work. For more information about what we do, go to the About us page. We can’t respond to questions on other topics.

Postal address

Safe Work Australia
GPO Box 641
Canberra ACT 2601

Office location

Please do not send mail to this address. All mail should be sent to the postal address.

2 Phillip Law Street
Canberra ACT 2601

Media enquiries

If you have a media enquiry please contact us at:

Volunteer assistance

Volunteers and representatives of volunteer organisations please email:

National Safe Work Month

If you have an enquiry relating to National Safe Work Month please email:

Freedom of information requests

Please see the freedom of information page for all details regarding freedom of information requests. Please note: Safe Work Australia generally does not hold documents about specific work health and safety investigations or workers’ compensation claims. You will need to submit such requests to the relevant jurisdictional (i.e. State, Territory or Commonwealth) regulator or workers’ compensation scheme.

The Freedom of Information Officer
Safe Work Australia
GPO Box 641

Personal information

All personal information collected by Safe Work Australia is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

Your personal information is collected when you submit an enquiry through the Safe Work Australia website. This information is collected and used for the purpose of responding to your enquiry.

Your personal information will be disclosed to other parties or entities if you have provided consent, or it is required or authorised by law. Your personal information may be disclosed to another Australian Government Agency or to a State/Territory work health and safety or workers’ compensation regulator to assist Safe Work Australia to respond to your enquiry

For more information about how you may access your personal information held by Safe Work Australia or make a privacy-related complaint, read our privacy policy.

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