National Return to Work Survey

In 2012 a working group consisting of representatives of Australian and New Zealand workers’ compensation authorities, unions and employer groups developed a survey instrument and sampling methodology to be used to measure return to work outcomes of injured workers receiving workers’ compensation and to better understand the experience of those injured workers and the factors that may have an effect on their return to work.

The new survey replaces the Return to Work Monitor previously published by the Heads of Workers’ Compensation Authorities. The New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation and all Australian jurisdictions except for the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory took part in the survey in 2013. In 2014 the Northern Territory participated.

In November 2014 the Strategic Issues Group for Workers’ Compensation agreed to conduct the Return to Work survey every second year instead of annually with the next survey to be conducted in 2016. The two year period between surveys allows adequate time to analyse the large amount of data collected during the surveys.

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