Return to work case studies

The following case studies highlight exemplary organisational systems and practices for early intervention and return to work. A key theme apparent across all case studies is that good work health and safety and good return to work practices are intrinsically linked. The organisations interviewed expressed the belief that well run businesses treat prevention, early intervention and return to work as a continuum.

The five organisations taking part in the project were selected from finalists and winners of recent state and territory return to work awards. A variety of organisations were selected to ensure the case studies represent a diversity of practices and organisation types.

Catholic Homes:

Catholic Homes made work health, safety and wellness a priority after a spike in workers’ compensation claims in the late 2000s. The executive decided to strengthen their commitment to work health and safety and return to work practices by making it their key business driver. Read More

Pernod Ricard Winemakers:

Robust management systems to eliminate the risk of injury, together with timely treatment and effective rehabilitation for those who have sustained an injury, are essential elements of Pernod Ricard Winemakers’ injury management program. Read More

Toowoomba Council:

Toowoomba Council regard immediate intervention as the most important influence on achieving positive return to work outcomes. If a worker reports an injury that requires medical attention, a rehabilitation coordinator from the ‘safety team’ will accompany the worker to the medical centre or hospital to support them through the process. Read More

Union Hydraulics:

Management and staff at Union Hydraulics agree that all employees share the same commitment to injury prevention and rehabilitation. The importance of health and safety and positive return to work outcomes has become ingrained in the workplace. The ‘We Care We Prepare’ toolkit is an example of this commitment. Read More

Williams Seafood:

Williams Seafoods describes its primary focus as the wellbeing and safety of its staff, having consciously decided to invest in this area 20 years ago. This focus has contributed to savings in claims costs, the retention of a stable workforce and a steady growth rate in a competitive market. Read More


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