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Comparison of workers compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand

The Comparison of workers’ compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand document aims to provide all stakeholders with information to assist them in understanding workers’ compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand.

All information in 2016 edition of the Comparison is correct as at 30 September 2015. Readers wanting up-to-the-minute information should check with the relevant authority.

An addendum to the Comparison has also been prepared that provides information specifically related to workers’ compensation arrangements covering asbestos-related diseases.  Like the main Comparison the addendum is current as at 30 September 2010.

Previous editions of the Comparison

Comparison of Workers' Compensation Arrangements in Australia and New Zealand - 2000 to 2005 editions

Earlier editions are available from the Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities (HWCA) website

Workers' compensation legislation and psychological injury

The fact sheet Workers' Compensation Legislation and Psychological Injury provides a general overview of the employer’s role under workers’ compensation legislation in relation to psychological injuries.

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