Safe Work Australia has developed a model Code of Practice for stevedoring to support the model work health and safety (WHS) laws. The model Code provides up-to-date, practical guidance to assist stevedoring businesses to achieve the standards of health and safety required under the model WHS laws. Development of the model Code of Practice was undertaken through a tripartite advisory group.

Find out more in the model Code of Practice: Managing risks in stevedoring.

To have legal effect in a jurisdiction, the model Code of Practice must be approved as a code of practice in that jurisdiction. To determine if this model Code of Practice has been approved as a code of practice in a particular jurisdiction, check with the relevant regulator.

The model Code of Practice replaces national guidance material published by Safe Work Australia in October 2009. Copies of the below guides are available on request.

  • Working safely on the waterfront
  • Working safely with general cargo - steel products
  • Working safely with containers

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