Demolition work

The model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations include a provision for demolition licensing by work health and safety regulators. Currently demolition licensing requirements differ between jurisdictions. This is pending development of consistent requirements under the National Occupational Licensing Scheme.

For more information on demolition licensing please contact your work health and safety regulator.

Demolition involving asbestos removal may also require the relevant asbestos removal licence to be held.

The model WHS Regulations states that work health and safety regulators need to be notified five days in advance of the following demolition work being carried out:

  • structures that are at least six metres in height
  • use of load shifting machinery on a suspended floor, and
  • use of explosives

For more information on demolition work go to:

For more information on the units of competency for licensing under the model WHS Regulations, view the industry skills council contact details and relevant units of competency.


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