Essential Chemical Controls for Australian Printers

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New Australian guidance to help control hazardous chemicals in printing.

What is Essential Chemical Controls for Australian Printers?

It is guidance material to help printers manage tasks where hazardous chemicals are used.

The guidance is directly applicable to your printing operations.

Who was the package developed for?

The package was developed specifically for printing companies and their employees.

However, the material should also be useful for occupational hygienists, inspectors, chemical suppliers and other people who work in the printing industry.

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Why should we use Essential Chemical Controls for Australian Printers?

The package will help you meet the requirements of those parts of the regulations for managing hazardous chemicals which are designed to protect the health of employees and other people in the workplace.

How was the package developed?

Essential Chemical Controls for Australian Printers has been developed by members of the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC), in conjunction with the Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA).

We modified and built on the UK’s COSHH Essentials for Printers package for Australian use.

COSHH Essentials for Printers was developed by a working group of the Printing Industry Advisory Committee, in consultation with the UK's Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE has given the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC) permission to use and adapt the material.

Please see the Acknowledgements page.

Package Contents

How to use this package - On your first use of the package it's recommended that you examine this section first, and work through the steps in the package.
Subsequently, you may choose to go straight to the relevant control guidance sheets for your operations.

Control Guidance Sheets - Access to the control guidance sheets and supplementary advice guidance sheets. These are the central resource in the package and are specifically designed to help printers prevent and control exposures to hazardous chemicals.

Reference Pages - Important information to help you prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Assessment Table - It's recommended you fill in this table as you work through the package.

Actions Table - This table can be used to track the progress of work to reduce workplace exposures.

Please examine the How to use this package page next.

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