Explosives regulation

Explosives regulation affects everyone who is involved with the import, manufacture, transport, storage, supply, use and export of explosives in Australia.

In 2012, COAG asked Work Health and Safety (WHS) ministers to progress national consistency in explosives regulation, where there are clear benefits to be derived.

As requested by WHS ministers, Safe Work Australia is progressing this work on their behalf through the Strategic Issues Group on Explosives (SIG-Explosives). SIG-Explosives comprises representatives from the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, industry and employee organisations.

Current regulatory system for explosives in Australia

The Commonwealth, states and territories have responsibility for regulating and enforcing explosives laws in their jurisdiction.

Work is currently underway to progress greater consistency of explosives regulation.

In October 2016, WHS ministers agreed to progress reforms outlined in the Explosives Regulation in Australia: Decision Regulation Impact Statement.

The reforms focus on developing nationally consistent approaches in the following four areas:

  • the definition of explosives
  • the licensing framework
  • notification processes, and
  • the explosives authorisation process.

It is expected that example provisions in the four reform areas will be available to jurisdictions for amending their explosives legislation by mid-2017.



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