The model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations set out duties for a person conducting a business or undertaking to ensure the health and safety of people who carry out general diving work and high risk diving work. The duties include ensuring:

  • divers are medically fit and are competent through qualifications and/or experience for the type of diving work being undertaken
  • a dive supervisor who has the required level of competence is appointed to supervise workers carrying out general diving work
  • a dive plan is prepared by the dive supervisor, and
  • a dive safety log is prepared.

Additional requirements include ensuring that high-risk diving work is carried out in accordance with the AS/NZS: 2299.1.2007 Occupational diving operations – Standard operational practice.

Safe Work Australia is reviewing the model WHS Regulations for diving work and sought public comment on proposed options during August and September 2016. Submissions are being analysed to develop final options for WHS ministers’ consideration in 2017.  

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Any amendment to the model WHS regulations arising from the review will only be given effect when they are adopted into the WHS laws applying in your jurisdiction.


Questions should be emailed to info@swa.gov.au.

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