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As of 9 April 2014, five people have been killed this year in quad bike related incidents. Three of these deaths were the result of a roll over.

There were 21 quad bike related fatalities in 2013, 19 in 2012 and 20 fatalities in 2011.

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19 December 2013

Work Health and Safety Queensland has released a new quad bike awareness video called 'A rush of blood - the Miles Paterson story'. It is available from the Work Health and Safety Queensland website

28 November 2013

New Zealand Coroner Brandt Shortland has released his findings into five quad bike related fatalities. As part of his findings and recommendations, Coroner Shortland held a two day hearing with experts, industry leaders, motor industry executives, academics, professional educators and government regulators in April this year.

The Coroner's finding for each case can be found below:

05 November 2013

A Farmsafe Symposium was hosted by Farmsafe Australia on Thursday 31 October at Australia Parliament House in Canberra. Supported by Safe Work Australia, the symposium covered a range of farm safety issues with a particular focus on quad bike safety.

View the presentations from the symposium
View the media release

16 September 2013

A recent study published in The Medical Journal of Australia has found quad bikes are imposing a significant injury burden in Victoria. The study recommends other safer types of vehicles be used (particularly in a work setting), crush protection devices be fitted to quad bikes to reduce injuries from roll overs, children not ride quad bikes, any loads carried on a quad bike be within manufacturer’s guidelines, and suitable protective equipment including a helmet be worn when riding a quad bike.

View the article Quad bike related injury in Victoria, Australia.

30 July 2013

Safe Work Australia, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (AgHealth) and Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWAA) have joined together to support the fitting of crush protection devices (CPDs) to quad bikes before more deaths and serious injuries occur.

Meeting recently as part of National Farm Safety Week they called on manufacturers to urgently reconsider their position on the fitting of CPDs to quad bikes to reduce the likelihood of death and injury as a result of a crush or asphyxiation when quad bikes roll. View the media release

15 May 2013

New Zealand Government farmer Landcorp will not be using quad bikes on its new farms, and is limiting use of the vehicles elsewhere, as it looks for a safer and more suitable alternative.

The move comes amid continuing concerns about the safety of quads, with Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment data showing that on average each year 850 people are injured riding quad bikes on farms, and five die. View the article Landcorp limiting quad bike use.

26 April 2013

Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer, Mr Rex Hoy has called for quad bike manufacturers to immediately reconsider their position on fitting crush protection devices to quad bikes to help prevent more quad bike deaths or life-changing injuries. View the call to stop more quad bike deaths media release

April 2013

A recent study in the ANZ Journal of Surgery showed All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) injuries are rising at an alarming rate in New Zealand, with a 42 per cent increase in hospital admissions at Waikato between 2009 and 2010. View the article Quad bike injuries in Waikato, New Zealand: an institutional review from 2007–2011.

What is it?

QuadWatch is a proposed Australian Government initiative bringing together industry, manufacturers, quad bike users and government to improve quad bike safety. QuadWatch aims to raise awareness of safe quad bike practices by establishing a network to promote information exchange. By bringing interested parties together farmers and quad bike users will have a central point of safety information, guidance material and contact details of relevant work health and safety regulators in their state or territory.

QuadWatch - Frequently Asked Questions

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What will it do?

QuadWatch will provide farmers, quad bike users and the community with practical information and assistance to help minimise risk of a quad bike fatality or injury. Information will include:

  • selecting a suitable vehicle
  • safety protection devices available
  • training on the safe use of quad bikes, and
  • personal protective equipment selection like helmets.

QuadWatch will enable open community consultation and discussion on quad bikes and their use. It will provide people with relevant information, data and research for informed discussion on quad bike safety.

How will it work?

Safe Work Australia has developed a QuadWatch webpage to provide safety information, relevant data and research and contacts details of industry associations, state and territory work health and safety regulators, manufacturers and community groups involved in quad bike safety activities.

The QuadWatch webpage will enable people to easily obtain accurate information on quad bike safety. The webpage will also detail the safety requirements for quad bike users under work health and safety laws. It will also provide information on training and the specific safety devices available.

The longer term objective of the initiative is to enable farmers, workers, recreational users, the community, manufacturers and government agencies to cooperatively work together to prevent serious injuries and fatalities from quad bike use.

View the QuadWatch media release issued by the Hon Bill Shorten MP

Discussion paper

The discussion paper on quad bike safety closed 28 September 2012.View the submissions received.

Quad bike safety forum

A quad bike safety forum was held in Melbourne on Friday, 19 October 2012.

Key findings of discussion paper and forum

Safe Work Australia’s report to the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations outlines key findings from the discussion paper and forum on design and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety.

Design and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety: key findings from the discussion paper
and forum (PDFDesign and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety: key findings from the discussion paper and forum PDF 194kb | Word documentDesign and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety: key findings from the discussion paper and forumDocx 110kb )

View the media release issued by the Hon Bill Shorten MP

Information on quad bike safety published by work health and safety authorities

Related sites for additional quad bike information

Draft Code of Practice for Managing Risks of Plant in Rural Workplaces

The draft Code of Practice for Managing Risks of Plant in Rural Workplaces contains guidelines for the safe use of quad bikes on farms. The draft Code of Practice was released for a public comment period which closed Friday 24 August 2012.

To view the draft Code of Practice and submit your comments go to the public comment page on the Safe Work Australia website.

More information

To contribute to QuadWatch and for more information about contact Safe Work Australia.
Email: info@safeworkaustralia.gov.au
Phone: 1300 551 832

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