QuadWatch is an Australian Government initiative to bring together industry, manufacturers, quad bike users, community organisations, and government to raise awareness of quad bike safety.

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Quad bike fatalities

As of 8 September 2014, ten people have been killed this year in quad bike related incidents. Six of these deaths were the result of a roll over.

There were 21 quad bike related fatalities in 2013, 19 in 2012 and 20 fatalities in 2011.

Quad bike fatalities table

Quad bike fatalities summaries

Quad bike stewardship program

The Product Stewardship Program provides all users of quad bikes with an opportunity to confidentially report safety incidents or near-misses. Any information provided will assist to prevent the incidents in the first place or to reduce the risk of injury.

National reporting of incidents will contribute more data on quad bike safety incidents, near misses, serious injuries and fatalities. A summary of the data will be published on the QuadWatch website annually in addition to the published data based on fatalities reported to state and territory coroners. Personal information will be protected.


Latest news

23 January 2014

Major ATV manufacturer Polaris has broken ranks to produce the world's first ATV enclosed in a safety cage. More information is available in the Weekly Times Now news article.

19 December 2013

Work Health and Safety Queensland has released a new quad bike awareness video called 'A rush of blood - the Miles Paterson story'. It is available from the Work Health and Safety Queensland website .

Coronial enquiry findings

New Zealand Coroner Brandt Shortland has released his findings into five quad bike related fatalities. As part of his findings and recommendations, Coroner Shortland held a two day hearing with experts, industry leaders, motor industry executives, academics, professional educators and government regulators in April this year.

The Coroner's finding for each case can be found below:

Research reports and studies

Medical Journal of Australia

A study published in The Medical Journal of Australia on 16 September 2013 has found quad bikes are imposing a significant injury burden in Victoria. The study recommends other safer types of vehicles be used (particularly in a work setting), crush protection devices be fitted to quad bikes to reduce injuries from roll overs, children not ride quad bikes, any loads carried on a quad bike be within manufacturer’s guidelines, and suitable protective equipment including a helmet be worn when riding a quad bike.

View the article Quad bike related injury in Victoria, Australia .

NSW Government research

On 23 July 2012 the NSW Government announced $1 million to fund research into vehicle safety and improve quad bike protective devices and accessories. As part of this research project, on Friday 8 March 2013, Greg Pearce MLC, the NSW Minister for Finance and Services announced the testing of quad bikes and side-by-side vehicles to determine their stability and likelihood of rollover. The research is being conducted by experts from the University of NSW's Transport and Road Safety Research Unit on behalf of WorkCover NSW and the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities. View further information about the launch of the quad bike tilt-testing research.

Further information can be found at the University of NSW Science website.



QuadWatch was established as an outcome of a roundtable discussion held on 13 July 2012 with senior representatives from farming organisations, industry, unions and community groups. The roundtable aimed to identify views on improving the safety of quad bikes.

Quad bike safety forum and discussion paper

A quad bike safety forum was held in Melbourne on Friday, 19 October 2012. The forum included representatives from farming, community groups, research, unions, industry and regulators.

The forum focused on the findings of the public discussion paper on the review of design and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety. The discussion paper on quad bike safety closed 28 September 2012 but you can still view the submissions received.

Safe Work Australia’s report to the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations outlined key findings from the discussion paper and forum on the design and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety.(PDF Design and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety: key findings from the discussion paper and forum PDF 194kb | Word documentDesign and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety: key findings from the discussion paper and forumDocx 110kb )

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