Work health and safety in the agriculture industry is regulated by states and territories. For information about laws applying to you and your workplace, contact your work health and safety regulator.

The Guide for managing the risks of machinery in rural workplaces provides information on selecting the most appropriate vehicle for farm needs, information on crush protection devices, rider training, personal protective equipment, and the hazards that should be considered when selecting risk controls.

The Guide to managing risks in cattle handling provides information on how to manage risks associated with cattle handling at a workplace. The guide is relevant to all people who handle cattle, for example livestock agents, transporters and veterinarians.

The latest information on work-related fatalities occurring in this industry can be found in the Work-related Traumatic Injury report.

Information on the fatalities and injuries that occur on Australian farms can be found in the Work-related Injuries and Fatalities on Australian Farms report.

Information on serious injuries and fatalities for which workers’ compensation was received in this industry can be found in the Compendium of Workers' Compensation Statistics Australia 2009-10.

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022 identifies the agriculture industry as a priority industry for action. Safe Work Australia and all jurisdictions are focusing on reducing traumatic injury fatalities in this industry during the first five years of the Australian Strategy. This will take place through collaborative partnerships with industry, unions, other organisations and the community.

Go to the Australian Strategy for more information on the priority industries.


Quad bikes are a leading cause of death and serious injury on Australian farms. QuadWatch is an Australian Government initiative bringing together industry, manufacturers, quad bike users and government to improve quad bike safety. QuadWatch aims to raise awareness of safe quad bike practices by establishing a network to promote information exchange.

More information on quad bike safety is available on the QuadWatch page.

Labelling requirements for agricultural and veterinary (AgVet) chemicals

Safe Work Australia has published a policy statement and information sheets on labelling of Agricultural and Veterinary (AgVet) chemicals. This information assists duty holders in understanding and complying with work health and safety legislative requirements.

Note: These information sheets are in the process of being updated. The updates will be completed before 1 January 2017, when the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) takes full effect.


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